Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter Than the Sun - Darynda Jones I have never been a huge fan of Reyes Farrow's.. Well not until I think the 5th book. I kind of hated him. I knew he had a hard childhood. I knew his 'father'/step father whatever Earl was to him abused him terribly but I still didn't understand why he treated Charley the way that he did. And I didn't understand Charley's fascination with him besides the fact that he was attractive. All I got was Charley going on and on about how sexy Reyes Farrow was and then he was a total dick to her. I just didn't get it. After book 5 I started to like Reyes. He was less of a dick and more of a sweetie pie... in a alpha male way. But after this book I kind of understand a little bit more of what was going on in the first couple of books.

Charley Davidson fans should not expect the same quirky humor that has been in the other books. This is not like those book. It is kind of darker. I am glad that it doesn't go into great detail about what Earl did to him. It's a good book to get into Reyes head. But I need to get back into Charleys head. I need her spunk. Reyes's story totally brought me down. On to book number 9!