Shadows Strike (Immortal Guardians)

Shadows Strike (Immortal Guardians) - Dianne Duvall It should come to no surprise that I adored this book. Dianne Duvall can do no wrong in my eyes.. or eyes since I listened to the audiobook. I will not lie, I was worried about this one just because of the whole him being in love with Lisette thing.. That usually drives me crazy. I want my male lead to be totally focused on the female lead in my books but he totally was. Once he met Heather he was all "Lisette who?"

oohhh and then there was the double date scene and I was like Dianne girl what are you doing but it actually turned out okay. Heather is a cool girl. I gotta say I would have a hard time with the guy I love being friends with someone he slept with for a century. Especially since Ethan thought he loved her. But really it was obvious that Ethan only wanted Heather. If there was even one minute of doubt from him I would have hated him. I know that is unfair because he thought he loved Lisette for 100 years and that isn't something you just give up. I get that. But I am a jealous little reader. He realized that he did love Lisette but only as a friend and I was very okay with that.

And yay so was Heather! She was pretty awesome always running in and saving Ethan. Psh, almost dying and what not. I liked her a lot. And I am so excited that Aidan is next!!! I love him. I think he is a fun character and omg Jared!!! ahhh.