The Moonshadow's Daughter

The Moonshadow's Daughter - Kaylie Newell Eh.. okay well let me just say that I got this ARC from net galley and I have not read the 2 books before this one. I think it read fine as a stand alone though. I did not feel like I was missing any vital information at all. In fact if I hadn't looked up the series I would never had known it was a from a series.

The story was good.. I always have issues with books when children are involved but that's just me and honestly Aimee was so amazing with Jake's son. I was super impressed by her. I think that Jake thought about his dead wife too much.. I know that sounds insensitive because it hadn't been that long. but if he also falls in love with a young "dead" girl. So I mean.. I think that there should have been more time for him to grieve his wife and then move on.

I tend to be a jealous reader.. I want my male hero to be all about the heroine. And yes Jake does get there at the very, very end but it took him the whole book to get there. The relationship kind of seemed almost fatherly to me at times and that was also creepy.

I dunno. It was good! defiantly worth reading!