Intimate Fear

Intimate Fear - D.C. Stone Yikes. This book was intense! Seriously. Uh. I tend to read a lot of darker books and this one is defiantly that.
This book has really great reviews and I did not like it.. like at all. For lots of reasons. My main reason though, I can't stand any of the characters. Maybe Brooke was okay.
My issue was Dwayne.. He is into Brooke... She is single... he can screw every girl in town but can't tell Brooke how he feels.
I wasn't feeling the book. I hate idiot girls. Hailey was an idiot. Isn't there a saying out there.. something like Fool me once, shame on me; Fool me twice. I don't know. Something like that. But you get pressured into drugs once and get raped... and then you go back to the same guy... yeah.. NO! DUMB. run like hell! I don't give shit if he offers you a million dollars covered in yummy dark chocolate. you freaking stab him in the eye and run. This all could have been avoided if Hailey would have just stabbed Jaxon in the eye. I'm just sayin.