Within a Captain's Hold

Within a Captain's Hold - Lisa A. Olech I received an ARC book from Kensington Books for an honest review.

I have never read any kind of pirate book. I had a little bit of trouble with the dialog at first but after I got use to the way they spoke I loved it.

Anna is running away from an insane man who wants to 'own' her and she ends up as a stow away on The Scarlet Night. Jaxon Steele (the captain) wants nothing to do with her at first and plans on dumping her off at the first port. But he finds that he isn't able to let her go. They get married on the ship in order to make it so that she isn no longer "pure" her her stalkers eyes and that will also make Jaxon a wealthy lord.

When they port and they find that their sham marriage is more real then they thought.

It was an easy read. I enjoyed it and I will read more from Lisa Olech.