Abducting Abby (Dragon Lords of Valdier: Book 1)

Abducting Abby (Dragon Lords of Valdier: Book 1) - S. E.  Smith This book sounded soo good. I was extremely disappointed with it. Like I hated the book. I listened to the audio book so I can't judge the editing. Which most every review I have read as complained about. But the story... I mean this chick randomly finds a space ship and she's not even a tiny bit scared? Come on. She just wants to pet it because it seemed upset. And then the same thing when Zoran wakes up and man handles her. She's not scared, no. She's just concerned for his well being... But then later on when they are on the way to his home land she gives up and stops eating and sleeping? I don't understand at all. She was just dumb.

I feel like it could have been a really fantastic book because the story line itself, I liked. It just wasn't written well. The human bad guy was kinda lame and cliche but other than that I liked it. Which the only reason Im giving it 2 stars. Cara seems pretty cool.. I might try the next book but I defiantly won't waste my time and finish it, if it is anything like this book.