Significance - Shelly Crane re-read 1/29/2016
... I kind of did not like this book.. It was so incredibly corny. I like the whole story line. It is an interesting concept but the dialogue.. oh my god. Was it really just a couple years ago that I read this and I loved it. I cringed the whole time. Not only was it so freaking cheesy but everything was repeated multiple times. Like I'm talking 5 or 6 times. They met at a stop light... And I really wish I would have counted how many times either one of them said how glad they were that they were there that day. It was at least 5 in the first half of the book and then in the end it is thrown in there again. And then the whole imprinting thing was explained a lot as well. I kind of feel like Maggie was an idiot. She was extremely sweet but I don't think she was all that smart. She was also so very self conscious. 75.63% of the book was Caleb reassuring her that he wanted to be with her. Um hello you have freaking imprinted! You are his SOULMATE! Also you can read his flipping mind. You know exactly what the guy is thinking. You would know if he didn't want you. Annoying.