Gabriel - Nikki Kelly I.. What? What the hell just happened?

I struggled with this book pretty much the whole time. It wasn't that the book was terrible.. because it wasn't I just hate Gabriel. I hated that he made Lailah ashamed of a part of herself. And I also hated all the secretive crap he was always doing. I don't understand why he couldn't tell her any of what he did. It never made any sense to me. Liars are not cool. But then Lailah lied to him a lot too I guess. The whole love triangle was just messed up.

I can't really write a full review because all I want to talk about is the ending.. and obviously I won't do that. But I will repeat What the hell ? I almost put the book down so many time and I am glad I didn't just because of the ending. It has been a long while since I have had to go back and re read an ending so many times. I still don't think I fully understand her reasoning. I don't think I ever will. I.. Just.. Don't.