Relentless - Karen  Lynch I am going through and re reading a bunch of books and since the 3rd installment is coming out soon I am going to reread the first two. After reading Relentless I realized that I didn't write a review. So here I am.

Whats not to love about this book. Vampires, half demons, werewolves, and trolls. And a baddass guy on a motorcycle. I had issues at first about Sara... she annoyed me for awhile. Sure there are a million different guys coming after me but I am going to be stubborn and stay right here to bring the chaos to the people I love. That always bothers me about books. But even with that... i love the book.

I like the protectiveness of Nikolas. And how determined the werewolves... well Roland and Peter... are to keep her with them and safe. It's adorable.

This book is a good set up for the next one. I love the characters and the story. It is different then just finding out that you are half demon. No you have a demon living inside you.

Great book!