Refuge (Relentless) (Volume 2) - Karen Lynch

Oh I did not like this book at all. And not just because Sara drove me crazy half the time. Because she did do that. She was extremely selfish especially when it came to anything with Nikolas. It seemed she lied a lot to him.. And thats just not a good way to have a relationship.

And holy crap balls their relationship was awkward in this book!! Was it that way in the others? I don't remember it being that way. Their freaking dinner date was so uncomfortable to read. I don't read a lot of YA books anymore just because a lot of the cutesy stuff usually makes me want to barf but to me they weren't even like that "omg they are soo cute". No they were just awkward.

Besides the relationship the book was okay. I liked Jordan. I think she would have been a stronger female lead. Well at least in this book. I don't remember hating Sara in the other books. I remember thinking she was selfish but I loved the other ones! Hell I feel like I have been waiting on Rogue to come out FOREVER. But I am extremely disappointed.

I am glad that everything is tied up with the master and all that jazz. But the book was just ehh. Not at all as good as I was expecting. Still glad I read it though. I did have to know how everything ended.