Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

Good god this book was loooooong! I mean it was fantastic! But still I was like "omg I just want to know how it ends". I listened to the audiobook and I only listened to it at work and I listened to it at 1.5x the regular speed and it still took me 2 days. Just saying... That's a lot. I usually finish one and a half books at work a day. Usually. I was just wanting it to end.

A ridiculous amount of things happened in this book. I honestly felt like it was 4 books in 1. I refuse to give away spoilers so Im not really going to write a full review.. Just going to throw out a few things that I loved/annoyed me.

Things I loved:
-Winter :) Girl was bat shit crazy because she refused to use her lunar gifts. She had me laughing so dang hard. And even with her being crazy she was still sweet and totally lovable.
-Cinder.. okay I am just going to say all the female characters. They were all amazing and strong. And just totally kicked ass.
-IKO. She gets her own separate shout out because she actually did a whole lot in this book. She was a total badass droid.
-And the males.. again loved all of them too. especially Thorn. Yummy.
-The book was non-stop. despite the length. There wasn't a lot of down time. There was always something crazy happening and I liked that. If there was a bunch of down time.. or even just a little I think I probably would have thought a lot differently about the book. It keeps you on your toes.

Things I did not like so much:
-The length.. I think thats obvious by now.
-The ending. I was a little disappointed by the ending. Im not sure exactly what I was expecting but that was not it.. It just seemed to.. I don't know just lack something.

Really it is just those two things that I did not like about the book.. But unfortunately they were significant things.. Well not so much the length but the ending. I just don't feel like I got the answers I was looking for. I don't feel like it was a happy ending.. despite it being a happy ending. It just feels not finished.