Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf - Christine Warren Some spoilers might be here in this rant. Sorry. If you haven't read the book don't read this review/rant.

yeah... So your friends talk you into wearing a skimpy dress instead of your usual body hiding clothes. Okay. You freak out because you don't want your "fix" And thats when you run into the sexy wolf man who doesn't even recognize you.. even though you walked down the isle with him at your best friends wedding.. But since you are wearing tight clothes the jackass notices you. So naturally you let him take you to his house and shred your clothes and screw you into oblivion on his door.. oh and he doesn't even know you name. that is what any sane woman would let happen. Sure.

Why was this never addressed?? All he says about never noticing her is that he was an idiot. Supposedly werewolves can smell their mates right? okay well he has been around her multiple times so why didn't he know. Or do they only smell the mate bond or whatever during sex? All I know is that Graham is a grade A jackass. And Missy is a fekking idiot for letting what happened happen.

Oh and then there is the whole he got her preggers on purpose with out telling her or asking her. After TWELVE hours of "knowing" the woman. TWELVE HOURS!!! And when she found out was she mad? noooooooo of course not. Why would she be? I mean she was upset that he told his cousin that she was pregnant iin front of other people before he told her. Not that he got her pregnant without her knowledge.

I was really looking forward to this book. I like the whole caveman/alpha male thing and I thought Graham would kinda be fantastic. But when you pair up an alpha male with a weak female it just doesn't work for me. It just pisses me off.