Entwined - Elisabeth Naughton I read the first one a loong time ago and I have read 100+ books since then. So some of the characters were a little confusing to me at first because I was trying to remember what happened. And I couldn't remember if I had missed something with Zander and Callia from the first book. I know there was tension.. but I kind wish there would have been more of a flashback maybe of 10 years ago when they fell in love. But again.. maybe there was more to it in the first book. Honestly can't remember. I just felt like I was missing something with the story.

I hate the communication misunderstanding. I hate that something so idiotic kept two people apart. It makes me want to hit people. And I also think that Zander was a complete ass calling her a murderer. And right after he told her her just wanted to fuck her. ohhhhh. I would have chopped off some very important parts of him.

I will read the next book.. Although I really can't stand Isadora. I am hoping maybe that might change after her book?.. probably not.