Untitled - Abbi Glines I listened to the Audiobook.

I think that the story had a lot of potential... I do not think that it was all it could have been. My big issue was West. I did not care for him. I know he had a bunch going on but so did Maggie. And I'm sorry Maggie's story is way, way worse and she didn't turn into a d-bag. Yes, West ended up being a sweetie pie and good for him but still..

I will say that I loved that Maggie didn't speak. Except to West when he needed it. That was something a little different. I do think it got turned around rather quickly. She just decided she was going to speak again and then she did. but then I guess what else is there..

It was short, it was sweet, but really there just wasn't much else to it. I will read the next one because Abbi Glines is one of my all time favorites but this book defiantly is one of my least favorite of her books.