The V girl

The V girl - Mya Robarts It was good. Some parts of it were a little confusing. I didn't quite understand that virgin was an insult. I get that it meant that you could be recruited but why would it be an insult? Shouldn't you just feel sorry for that person? I don't get it. The women were calling each other virgins like we call girls bitches now. Very confusing.

Lila annoyed me. Like a lot. She was 18 in a world were sex is talked about on an hourly basis and she like freaked out when her told her about his kink. um hello! she liked to watch people get it on. It's not like she's all proper and shit. I wanted to punch her for making him feel bad about it. She was in some serious denial too. And that shit just gets annoying. Especially when it last until the last chapter of the freaking book.

Overall it was an interesting book. But is it as amazing as everyone makes it out to be? Ehh. In my opinion no. But that has a lot to do with me not liking Lila.