Anew - Chelsea Fine

hmm... There is a reason I can only read certain YA books and this one is a good example of why. The love triangle makes me want to hurl. I remember a time when I would search for book with the love triangles and now I usually can't stand them. I really wish I would have read this book a couple years ago. I am pretty sure I would have freaking loved it. But no. For the most part it just annoyed me.

I have issues with Scarlet. She ignores the fact that Gabriel is being sketchy... Weak. Then she finds out why and omg she has a super strong attraction to his twin brother Tristan. She is even more attracted to Tristan than she is to Gabriel and yet she still stays with Gabriel.. Therefore she is a bad little girl. I mean seriously. How messes up is that??? She thinks about Tristan more than her BF and she just lets it go. I want to punch her.

And then I kind of get the feeling that Gabriel isn't really that in love with her.. He just feels like it is the only way he can get love. So he stays with it. So it makes me hate him too. Really the only person in this book that I liked was Tristan.. oh wait and Nate. He was funny.

The writing was fantastic and I would probably have loved the story if I had read it a couple years ago when I still enjoyed a good love triangle. But I still read the next one because I have to know what happens... Even though I really think I know. But I have to know if Im right :)