Cage of Deceit

Cage of Deceit - Jennifer Anne Davis Jennifer Anne Davis has made me a very happy reader yet again! I read her True Reign series in two days. I could not stop. And last night I started Cage of Deceit and I could not put it down for anything! I wanted to cry because now I have to wait for the next one.

You have a princess who sneaks out in the middle of the night who jumps buildings to brings in common thieves and wield a sword like her father can. She clearly cares for her kingdom and when it is threatened will do something she really doesn't want to do... like marry a very handsome prince.

Prince Odar is handsome but he seems to let his squire do most of his princely duties. Allyssa doesn't want a pretty face she wants an equal. Someone like Jarvik (the squire)

There's drama, fighting, sneaking around dressed up like a man, an assassin; honestly what's not to love about this book :)