Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon The first part of this book was loooong. It was good but just too damn long. It also made me hate Ash. I know crazy right but I honestly think Styxx had it so much worse than Ash ever did. Life sucked butt for both of them obviously but it was so freaking sad that they basically went through the same things yet hated and tried to kill each other. When they could have helped each other out if they would have sat and had a 5 minute conversation. and Marissa! UGH!!! she is the absolute worst! Seriously I loathe her.

The second part of the book where Styxx and Ash started getting along I LOVED! I was so freaking happy for them. And you get to know a little bit about Ash and Tori's baby. oh and the little Urian twist! AH! so good.

I will also say that Artemis was hilarious. "Payback's a cat" I have been repeating that all day to my co workers(They all think I'm crazy) but I still laugh. I love when she messes up her sayings.

If you are are this far in the DH series then I probably don't have to talk you into this one. I have been dying to know about Styxx since Night Embrace and I have needed to hear his side after I read Acheron. It is long and it is sad. like I said the two brother went through a lot of the same things so it makes you want to murder a bunch of people (a certain perverted uncle for one!) It is dark and it made me a tear up a couple of times but I feel so much better knowing his story and knowing that the two brothers are happy and together again!