Reign of Shadows

Reign of Shadows - Sophie Jordan There will be spoilers... because honestly theres kinda a big one thats hard not to talk about.

hmmm. How to rate this... I enjoyed it. I did. Kinda.. It was a little boring at times... most of the time actually. I wanted to like Luna. I tried really hard but her character was so freaking unrealistic. She is blind. I was like thats going to take this book up a notch because up until that point I was bored stiff. But then I just kept getting annoyed that she could do things like smell if someone was naked. Is that a real thing? It just seemed unrealistic that she had ZERO problems. It made perfect sense when she was at home and in an environment that she has been in her whole life but when she left that.. I don't know. I have issues walking around my own freaking house.

Another thing that really kind of pissed me off was that 75% of this book was kinda pointless.. They were wondering in the woods one way but then she decides to go back the other way and he follows. So they end up back where they started!! UGH. I felt like I wasted my time. Because nothing was learned. Not really. Sure there was a kiss or two and Fowler decides that he cares about her but ehh.. not enough reason for me to read a book.

But the absolutely worst thing about this book is at the very end. In the last 5 minutes of the book. Fowler tells Luna something important about himself and she freaks out on him! She turns into a huge bitch and basically pushes him away. She has spent the whole freaking book all over this guy, he has saved her life multiple times, he has proven over and over again that he is kinda an amazing guy and he has ONE little itty bitty thing against him ( something he can't help at all btw) and she is ready to throw him to the wolves. I hate her. If this would have happened earlier in the book I would have stopped reading. I was so mad.

I know I just ranted a bunch but I am glad I read it. I was entertained. Will I be jumping up for joy for the next book? No. Will I read it? Yes.