All Broke Down

All Broke Down - Cora Carmack I do not like a bunch of 'feels' in my books. Which is why I have been putting off this book for awhile. I liked the first book and I like all of Cora Carmack's books but they tend to be on the emotional side. But this one wasn't too bad. Yes there was some momma drama and some early childhood drama but other than that it was just them being funny. Plus Dylan and Silas are two of my favorite characters I've read in awhile. I like that Dylan isn't too girly, I always love that about a character. I love how her and Silas bring out the "real" in each other. Yes emotional crap that I usually do not enjoy but every once in awhile it's good. I will read the next book.. not right away just because I can only because now I need something with a little more edge to it but eventually I will get it.

side note: Dylan high was hilarious. Best part of the entire book. Could not stop laughing.