Six Months

Six Months - Dannika Dark I listened to the audio book and that was a HUGE mistake. The voice was terrible. It make a weak female character sound even weaker. I hate weak characters and April is freakin weak. I hate the whole inner voice thing too. It's amazingly annoying.

Also I hate that she's a human.. she's going to die way before Reno.. Unless I am missing something? I skipped a lot of the book so I might have missed something. but to me I would hate to be 60 and be with a 30 year old. that would just be weird. I don't like that there wasn't a way for her to turn shifter or for him to age regular. and I defiantly don't like the way the book ends by her saying she hopes he finds a woman to to make him happy after she's dead...

yeah this book isn't even a great romance book.

I like this shifter world so I am going to keep reading but this one was not great.

12/5/2015 I am going back through and re-reading the Seven series and I still hate this book. I flipping LOVE Reno I just hate his situation with April and how she is going to die.. and how at the end she is totally cool with it. Nope still not okay with it at all. I really hoped I might be because Reno is still one of my favorite characters but no.. I still want to cry my eyes out. And the inner voice still annoyed the shit out of me.