Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I was kind of disappointed with this book and it's a little hard to write a review for it with out spoilers...but it was kind of boring. Most of the book was Mare trying to find New Bloods. The problem with that is that Maven is also looking for them and when he finds them he does things with them that aren't so nice. and yeah... thats it. Thats pretty much most of the book was Mare recruiting New Bloods for 'her' army. Boring..
Mare kind of drove me crazy in this book. She was cruel and I get that to beat Maven and his mother she couldn't be the Mrs. Clause but she was a freaking bitch. And she was acting like she was a freaking god and that was just annoying the crap out of me. I really wanted to read a lot less about her.
I saw the ending coming but at the same time I didn't see it happening exactly like it did. I was shocked.. even though I shouldn't have been. Maven was just as shocking in the end of Red Queen.