Sterling - Dannika Dark I surprisingly loved this book. I wasn't a huge fan of Dannika Dark's Seven series.. okay I have only read 2 of those but I wasn't wowed by them so I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Okay well I liked the actual story Zoe annoyed me a couple times, sure but what female character doesn't. I can't remember exactly how old they said she was but I want to say late 20s.. I think.. and most of the time she honestly does not act like that. She does tend to act childish in a lot of situations. The other thing that did annoy me was her situation with the men. Adam was perfections all wrapped up in an ex military body and instead of being up front and saying, "oh hey I will kill you if we touch, we probably shouldn't do that." She leads him on for awhile. That bothers me because I love Adam. And honestly the ending what he does for her.. She so doesn't deserve him. At all.

Okay I just ranted about the MC and it sounds like I don't like the book but I do. The story itself is what makes it good. It's different and thats what I like about it and I think she will get better as she grows with her Mage abilities and as a person. So the next books will be better.