Dark Gold

Dark Gold - Christine Feehan Again I liked it but I didn't love the book. But I love the world it is all based in. I have read a couple reviews for books later on and a lot of complaints I see are that it's the same story over and over again and I can defiantly see that happening. This is only the 3rd book and I can already see it but I still want more.. So that says something there I think.

I could not stand Alex.. I thought she was kind of whiney and for someone who only wanted to take care of her brother she really didn't do a great job.. Please explain why you would leave your brother with a homeless man? How in the hell did that happen.. Okay so you have talked to him a few times, and I guess you are kind of his friend but I mean really?.. I don't know I had issues with that right away. And then later on she was so dead set on proving Aiden wrong that she tried to walk into the sun? Yeah and leave Josh to complete strangers. Yeah, No. Some crappy things happened to her. I get that and no one can know wha they would do unless they were in that situation but I just feel like running into to the sun to prove that it won't kill you when you can feel it burning you.. ugh. Stupid.

Aiden I liked. He was much better than Jacques. Thats for sure. I have come to realize that all the men in this series are going to be overbearing cavemen. Which I can deal with as long as nothing is actually forced and I don't think Aiden forced Alex to really do anything the way Jac did. He was terrible.

anyways I am very excited for the next book because yay Gregori! Although after the little bit of info you learn about him and his life mate in this book I have a feeling I may not like the next book that much but we shall see.