Dark Magic

Dark Magic - Christine Feehan Alright y'all I am so disappointed about my Gregori. I have pushed this series up in my list to read just so I could read this book because I HAD to know about Gregori. I was so sure I was going to marry him and have his babies but now that I have read about the Dark One.. I do not like him at all. He kind of broke my little heart. And I HATE Savannah. You would think because she is the daughter of Mikhail and Raven that she would be a lot stronger but I found her to be weak. She whined ALOT! I wanted to punched her on more than one occasion and hello how do you just forgive someone who brutally takes your innocence because he was close to his dark side. uh NO! You do not worry for him. You punch him.. huh. I may be little violent it seems. but it's the truth. She just let the shit go. The only thing I liked about her was her sarcasm. She was funny later on with Gary, the human. I liked her relationship with him. And I guess she makes Gregori smile in his head or whatever so thats cool. But I hate weak females.

Okay so I thought I liked the whole life mate thing. Turns out I don't. I do not like that the males can force the female to make them slaves. I keep getting more and more upset the more I read this series. Jacques really pissed me off because he forces his life mate to do so much and Gregori topped him. There is a difference between being a protective alpha male and what Gregori was doing to Savannah.

I will eventually get back to this series but I am moving on for awhile. Julian will have to wait for now. I think I have read too many of these books in a row and I am getting pissed at the domineering males. Plus the stories are all kind of the same so far.. it's kind of getting boring and predictable.