Because of Low

Because of Low  - Abbi Glines I have read all of the other books from this series except this one.. Yes I know very strange. But I hated Marcus and Willow. I never wanted to know about their story. Ugh and I can't say that I am overly excited now that I know it. I like them later on when they are preggo. But I skipped this book originally because I wanted to read Cage and Eva's story and I couldn't wait then I just never went back to them. I had some down time and since its a short book I though I would squeeze it in.

I know that Willow had a hard life.. Really it sucks and it is sad but at the same time its not like she was completely alone. Her life wasn't completely terrible. She had Cage. Okay and let's just talk about her relationship with Cage... um.. yeah. it was creepy. She talks about how he is like her brother, I can honestly say that I have NEVER acted like that with my brother. Yes I realize they aren't actual siblings but she kept pointing out that she saw him as a brother. From Cage's story you can't see how weird the relationship is because Cage doesn't act that way with her anymore because of Marcus. Maybe I am being dramatic but I thought it was a very strange relationship between people who saw each other as siblings.

I love Abbi Glines. Her books are funny and then men are sexy as hell but I hated this one.. okay I hate Marcus and Willow. They are my least favorite couple from her Sea Breeze series. And I am sad I wasted my time actually reading this one. Maybe I need to go re-read Crit's story to make me happy about Abbi again :)