Gravity - Dannika Dark

Sweet baby jesus I thought I was going to have a heart attack with this freaking book. I mean my heart felt like it was breaking. I get way to emotionally attached to characters! I wanted (okay so maybe I did) cry for Silver and Logan multiple times during this book. I wanted to hate Silver for what she was doing but maybe it was what had to be done. Maybe it could have been solved a different way. We will never know. But oh god when she cut his hair!! I wanted to scream and then throw my kindle into the wall because omg poor Logan. So freaking heartbroken. And when he showed up after she got drunk in the bar. seriously I can't even. Logan has completely ruined real men for me. I don't think I would have been able to do what Silver did.

And then there is the whole Nox/Sunny thing. Again Heartbreak hotel up in here because that did make me cry right at my desk at work. My co workers think I'm crazy. But I will say that Sunny is one of the most beautifully uplifting characters in the book. I love her.

And then you have Justice hooking up with Paige. Yay. That man deserves some goodness. Because he is awesome and now that Logan and Silver are getting all serious and she won't need a guardian he wants her to call him father. helloooo. more heartbreaks.

I loved this book. I don't usually like emotional books. I hate crying but this one was mostly good cries. defiantly worth it! I am sad that there is only one more book in this series. Excited thought to see how it all ends.