Secret Life of a Vampire

Secret Life of a Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks

I liked it. For sure I didn't love it. I could not stand Laura. Like at all. She was terrible. Jack was amazing and way, way too good for Laura. But like with the last books it was funny. I laughed a few times. It's really the only reason I keep reading the series because I really don't like the females. I don't think I have really liked any of them. Maybe Emma but the rest so far have not been that great.

I loved that Jack didn't give up. Even after Laura was a complete brat. The whole Apollo thing was just sick. but again I just didn't like Laura. I don't like how she handled finding out that Jack was a vampire. She already knew that he had red eyes and that he could teleport. She was okay thinking he was an alien but not a vampire? That just didn't sit right with me.