Blood Magic

Blood Magic - Jennifer Lyon

I struggled a little bit with this one. I almost didn't finish it but I pushed myself to do it and I ended up liking it. kind of. I felt like the story wasn't that smooth and honestly it was hard to follow at the beginning. I wasn't getting it. To the point where I had to go and make sure that this was the first of the series.. which it is.

And Axel.. what a dick. seriously I hated him so much that by time he started being nice that I couldn't get over what a jerk he was in the beginning. I know that he had to be a jerk but I just think it was done to an excessive amount. There are lot of books where the guy is a jerk but I still end up loving him.. This was not one of them. Like I liked nothing about him. And then theres Darcey. Who I felt bad for because lets face it, Axel gave her no choice but to be trapped.. but then you go and sleep with him?? Sure makes sense to me. You can't hit him because of the witch karma(which is just ridiculous if you ask me.) so naturally that means sex it the next option. Dumb. Obviously it all worked out but whatever.

I wanted to like this book because the concept of the story is so interesting. But to me it did not deliver. The only thing I did like about the book was the group of guys. I love the brotherhood they seemed to have. Other than that though.. ehhh.