Shadow's Edge

Shadow's Edge - J.T. Geissinger

I hated Jenna. HATED her. The story was interesting and Leander is a dream boat but Jenna... oh my god. She drove me nuts. Honestly I almost stopped reading it. She has been running for how long? and at the first sign of someone being there she panics and shows her super strength to a room full of people. really?? and then there was this
“So she did what she always did when confronted with something she couldn’t figure out: she put it out of her mind.” That line right there almost made me put the book down. She is defiantly top 5 most hated female leads. Maybe even number 1 because at the moment I can't think of another that I dislike more.

But I read on because the book had potential. And really the story was okay.. ish. I think it could have been a lot better if they would have focused on the community more and not on the romance. I like the Ikati people.

Not sure if I will read the next one.. well thats a lie. I will because I liked Morgan. But it won't be for awhile.
Im giving this book such a low rating all because of the main character. The MC is the book.. even with a strong story. I was so annoyed with everything Jenna did or said that it took away from the story. I just couldn't enjoy it.