Dark Fire

Dark Fire - Christine Feehan Sometimes I really do not know why I keep reading this series. This book was one of the worse ones I think. I honestly like the whole life mate thing. Where the male sees color and feels as soon as he sees his life mate. I love that. I freaking hate that they feel the need to control everything about the female. i feel like the books are getting worse an worse at this as the series goes on.

Darius was terrible. This is what I remember of him. He took Tempest down under a volcano and she kept telling him how terrified and how uncomfortable she was being underground and he told her she was fine and put her to sleep. And then woke her up with sex. And when she realized what had happened she was mad for all of half a second. Which also made me hate her.

So there you have it.. I hated both the main characters. Tempest was weak and she had zero common sense and she was just plain annoying. She would get pissed and then get over it two seconds later without anything being resolved. And Darius was the worst. He treated his life mate like he would his child and thats creepy. He didn't want her to have a mind of her own. He basically wanted her to keep her mouth shut and her legs open. Oh and stay right by his side. Freaking annoying.

okkkaaaay. Now that I have ranted about how much I disliked this book.... I will read the next one. I love the world too much to completely drop the series all together. But I am getting to a point where that may not be enough anymore.