Refugee  - Erica Stevens

I am not happy. Look at my face. Does this look like my happy face? ohhhh right you can t see me. Well let me assure you that I am pissed. I am going to rant to there will probably be spoilers.. Not probably. There will defiantly be spoilers. So read at your own risk.

Most of the book is a lot of the same crap that was in the last one. Omg he's a vampire, omg she's a human!! AHHH! Yeah, yeah. We get it. It is totally nuts. They are insane but crazy in love. Anyways there is this rebellion happening and Braith being the ex prince in line to be king. So the Vamps will follow him. But they won't follow him if they find out that he fell in love with his blood slave. ohhhhh. So his brother Jack decides that she has to go and Gideon says that if she can't she has to die. You know to break the blood bond. riiiiight. okay. soon MAKE HER A FREAKING VAMPIRE!!!!! I don't get it. There is a chance it won't work. But its either rule with out her or run away and she is going to die anyways!! I have been into Braith up until this book. Now I think he is dumb.

And have you read the summary for the next book? GAAHHH. I will be soon pissed if she is trapped for most of the book. Done with the rant.