Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison

Oh Tiago. I love you. If only there was a real you out there in the world. It would make life so much better. He was so dreamy. Le sigh. MY favorite scene from the whole book is when Tiago finds Tricks in the hotel drunk. That was freaking hilarious. Tricks was an all around funny character. I enjoyed reading her story just because she made me laugh. And it wasn't cheesy like a lot of other books I have read. The books was actually funny.

That being said I wanted to hit Tricks multiple times throughout the book. Why oh why do females not just tell the males whats going on in their little heads. Everything could have been fixed so much sooner if they would just open up their mouths instead of running away. Props to Tiago for NOT running away though. He kept chasing her when I am pretty sure I would have been like eff this and left.

Other than that though the book was pretty fantastic. I am liking this series a lot so far.