Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout I finally finished this series after a year... yes it took me that. Not because the story was bad. Because it was ammmaaazzing! I don't think Jennifer Armentrout is capable of writing anything bad. But it took me so long solely because I didn't want it to end. So i kept putting it off and then I kind of forgot that there was a 5th book..

It was beautiful. There will never be another love like Daemon and Kitten. People compare it to Bones and Kat. And I guess I totally see that.. like the nickname kitten and the fact that the two males are sarcastic idiots :) Love both couples. But there is just something about Daemon at Katy.. Idk maybe I need to go back and re-read Bones and Kat's story!

Way off topic. Great end to the series. There were sad parts where I wanted to cry but the end was perfect. It was defiantly bittersweet.