Immortal Rider

Immortal Rider - Larissa Ione I HATE Limos. I thought Sin from the Demonica series was bad but Limos was way worse in my opinion. And the Arik.. Well honestly I don't have an opinion about him he was just ehhh. He was just there. I think he was absolutely 100% insane for getting over the fact that he spent a month being tortured for kissing a chick. I probably would have hit her a few times at least. But thats just me.

The story was ok.. I hate it when there a bunch a lies and all the characters are dancing around them. It gives me anxiety attacks. I swear. And Limos lied so freaking much. And helloooo she was responsible for killing her brothers family! and he just forgave her? uh nuh uh. Id have been a tad more upset.

And lets just take a second to talk about my Thanatos.. He got screwed.. And I don't mean literally. Well I do mean literally but y'all know what I mean. That bitch Regan. I mean she kinda was set up with the wine and was drugged as well but I don't care..she still went to your house to seduce him! who the hell does that! my poor little Thanatos. My lovely Death. I will find her and kill her for you... except I guess since the next book focuses on you 2 that means you fall in love with her or whatever so I will let it go.. but she is on my shit list. And also I hate her for taking you the way that she did and then just leaving.

Yeah I just wasn't feeling this book. Mainly because I hated Limos and I had no strong feelings for Arik. Other than the fact that I thought he was kind of dumb for choosing to stick with Limos but what do I know. Obviously if you are going to read the series you have to read the books in order because Larissa Ione does a really fantastic job of building the plot in each book. So if you would skip one book you would de a little lost as to what the hell is going on. So read it. Just keep in mind that Limos is kind of a brat.