Bitten - Kelley Armstrong This isn't going to be a review as much as a freaking rant. This book was TERRIBLE!! omg. Elena is with a human because she wants to feel human.. okay I get that. I mean its kinda shitty but whatever I get it. But then she goes home and ohhhh sleeps with someone right away!!! REALLY? And she rationalizes it in her head to make it ok? If it was anyone but Clay it would be cheating but because it's him its not? What the hell. just NO. You did a shitty thing. You are living with someone and then left and slept with someone else... You are a SHITTY, SHITTY person. Do not try to rationalize it. Own up to it, you brat.

Okay and then lets talk about who she cheats on her live in boyfriend with, Clay. HE FREAKING TURNED HER AGAINST HER WILL!!! And she gets all pissy about it but then sleeps with him? WTF? One second it is a huge deal and she hates him but then the next she is all over him. It's cool if you forgave him.. just freaking stop going back and forth. I just can't get over how much I hate Elena.

I hate that I wasted my time on this book. I like Kelley Armstrong. I am extremely glad I didn't start reading her books with this one because I would not have read any more of her books and her YA books are pretty decent.