Veil of Midnight

Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian I want to start off by saying that the narration for the audiobook was fantastic. She was wonderful.

The book.. was ehhh. There was a lot of action but there wasn't a whole in the romance for me. I didn't feel that "spark" or connection that the other mates seem to have. I love Nikolai. I love his fast talking and his easy going personality. Renata wasn't that bad either. I loved how she was with Mira. If that wasn't in there I probably would have hated her. But the protectiveness she had toward Mira made her a female of worth to me.

Other than that... I didn't like the book for the romance. The story was important. There were a lot of key parts for the plot of the series. Hunter being the main one. I want to know more about Hunter. Like soo much more. I am very excited to see where and how he plays into the upcoming books. And I freaking hope he gets his own! Im sure he does but I don't want to look ahead.