Midnight's Seduction

Midnight's Seduction  - Donna Grant, Arika Escalona I have mixed feelings about this book. There were times where I was head over heels in love with Camdyn and then I hated him. I will say that really the only thing I hated about him was the fact that he was so reluctant to be with Saffron just because he didn't want to watch her die. Because most of the other warriors are doing it and I FINALLY found out that Isla's shield is what is keeping them from aging. So wouldn't that mean that Saffron wouldn't age? I guess she has to stay inside the shield and that blows. But the other wives have done it for 400 years so they can just get over themselves.

And then there Saffron.. Who was kind of a stubborn bitch. Im sorry. There were some good things about her sure. But for the most part I just could not stand her.

I got a little bored with the journey to free Deidre's sister. That was a big chunk of the book and I just feel like it could have been cut down because IDK it was just boring.

I want to jump for joy at the ending!!!! No spoilers. Although it is hard because it's all I want to talk about.

I will say that I am glad that you can still see the good in Malcolm(Not sure if that is how you spell his name) I like his character. I like that he helped Saffron out. I mean a little bit. He couldn't help out like he should have but he was still able to fight Deidre a little bit and I like that.

and I am so freaking excited to read Ramsey's book next!!! ahhhh!! He is my favorite!! Please do not let me down!