Desire Untamed

Desire Untamed - Pamela Palmer Yeah.. Um. I kinda stumbled on this book. It was recommended to me from GR because of some of the other books I have read and let me tell you I am not a fan of this book at all. I think the story could have been pretty good if they got rid of all the weird rituals and the ridiculous sex stuff. The scene with Lyon getting her ready for the first ritual was just bad. One, the chick JUST met the guy and here he is rubbing oil on your womb (yes thats what he says). OKAY and the girl freaking had an orgasm everytime he kissed her. wtf was that about? I mean she had multiples just by kissing. Give me a freaking break. HAHA oh and I forgot about the first one that was done by him just licking her hand. Good god she doesn't need a mate all she has to do is walk into a crowded room and accidentally bump up against someone and it would set her off.

The book was a complete train wreck. . I could not stop reading.. I had to see where it went. And it went no where good.