Marked - Jennifer Snyder

I am a little biased when it comes to anything Jennifer Snyder just because I love her so freaking much. So I tend to look past a lot of the little things that would usually upset me. I also have to look at this book as a younger YA book because thats what it is. I think I am getting to a point where it is hard for me to read most YA books because the dialogue is hard for me to stomach. It was so corny and I know that if I would have read this book a couple of years ago I would have been swooning all over the place for Jace. So I am putting myself in my shoes a couple years ago.

Tessa I think is your typical high school girl. She is in a relationship with a possessive idiot but she has known him forever so she just hasn't broken up with him yet. She works at a diner and that is where she meets Jace when he comes in for a meal. They meet eyes across the room and like in most werewolf novels there is that instant spark between them. He wants to show Tessa how a man should treat a woman and thats how he gets her away from her current boyfriend. Okay thats all good. She needed to get away from her BF, he was no good.

But honestly I wasn't that into Jace. I get that he had to be secretive. Tessa had no idea what he was.. or what she could be for that matter. SO I understand that. But when random people start showing up at his house and he can't explain them to Tessa and then he sticks up for his ex GF and why she is so possessive of him. I am putting myself in Tessa's place. She has no clue whats going on. She is a 17 year old girl who has known this guy for a week and his ex shows up at his house with his cell phone and I just know that seems sketchy to me. Tessa was way too trusting for someone who just met the guy.

But the things that completely ruins Jace for me is obvious if you've read the book. He bit her with out her permission! Or her knowledge of who she is! OR of what he is!! I was so freaking mad at that!! and she forgave him?!! WHAT?! I would NEVER have gotten over that. NEVER. He completely changed her life without giving her a choice! So freaking selfish! And it makes me think less of her for being okay with it.

All in all the book was entertaining and sweet in a high school-y kind of way.