Burning Up Flint

Burning Up Flint  - Laurann Dohner Ok so I got this book because I have been reading the New Species series and I love it. So I thought that her other series might be good too. But it was not! This is one of the worst books I think Ive ever read. Flint is an asshole. Straight up. He kidnaps Mira. Then ties her to his bed and basically forces her to have sex with him. And what is worse is that she just accepts this. She doesn't fight back, she doesn't say anything but please don't hurt me. okay. Then the jackass BRANDS HER! Freaking BRANDS HER! Again she's cool with it. And then she steals an escape pod put of course he gets her back but sells her to a different cyborg guy. Who happens to be an even bigger dick than Flint is. So She BEGS him to take her back. Even tho she did nothing wrong by trying to escape her capture.

I absolutely hate everything about this book. I hate how weak Mira is. She didn't fight for anything. Flint wasn't caring in anyway. All he wanted was a slave to have his children.