Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark - Karen Chance, Cynthia Holloway IIIII don't know. I liked parts of the book and then I didn't at the same time. I have heard that a lot of people have problems with Cassie.. and I didn't. I actually kinda liked her for the most part. The men were fine. Nothing spectacular and there wasn't really one singular love interest. There was an almost love scene one time. But the way it was written makes it seem like Cassie was turned on but didn't want it... So to me it was just weird. He was trading touches for answers for her questions. Thats messed up. Wasn't a fan of that at all. I like to have a set love interest.

The one thing that was driving me crazy though out the book was the freaking random details about information right in the middle of something else. I know that it is the first book of a series and there is going to be a lot of information that needs to be told so I kind of overlooked it at first but it just kept happening. I would get into a scene and then there would be 10 mins of her explaining why she felt so betrayed by Tomas or how the Mage's magic worked.

Not gonna lie, I got quite confused a lot in this book. There is a shit ton of everything in here. Vamps, witch, dark mages, light mages, were rats, werewolves, ghost, time traveling, possession. It was just a lot for my little brain. Especially when she started jumping bodies to time travel. Ive already read most of the second book at work and I can say that it just gets more confusing. My brain may not be able to handle this series.