Claimed By Shadow

Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance im not going to write a full review. I am just going to rant about a few things real quick. First off uhhh can I just want to point out that the way she lost her virginity was a HUGE freaking let down. They made it out to be a big deal and it was over and down with and then it was like ok thanks man. See ya around. Kind of pissed me off. A lot. Second. Cassie is a freaking selfish bitch. She is doing all this crazy stuff to get ahold of Tony because she thinks that he has her dads ghost. She doesn't remember her dad. I know that sounds cruel. But she is doing trades with he freaking faery king and people are dying! All so she can confront Tony. And she doesn't even know for sure that he has her fathers ghost. I mean there are wars gong on with the the vamps and the mages and she has just about everyone out trying to kill her and all she cares about it getting to Tony.

Everything else about the book was good. Those 2 things just irritated me and since I just wrote a review for the first book I really didn't feel like writing one for this one. Because really.. They are kind of the same... Except she is no longer a virgin.