Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones I love Charley! Seriously. I listened to the audio book at work today and the whole book.. Not even kidding the whole damn book I was smiling. My co workers already think I'm nuts but now they also think I'm a total creeper.... Smiling all day. Who does that??! Anyways...

Charley is kinda my favorite heroine ever. Im pretty sure I can't think of one I like better. At least not off the top of my head. She totally kicks ass but its her mouth that I love the most. The way she talks to everyone.. Or to her Mr. Coffee maker. Whatever is around, I love it! It cracks me up. I have to add her police statement in here because I could not stop laughing.
"I heard a sound. A bad guy swung a knife at me. I ducked and cut his throat." And then UB's reaction.. "Well that needs some work."

Thats one of the other things I like so much about this book, the side characters are fantastic. Her uncle is honestly one of my favorites. He takes whatever she says and dishes right back to her.

I will say that uh I do not like Reyes... To be quite honest I like Garrett a whole hell of a lot more. Reyes is kinda a dick.. Just saying. I do not understand the attraction there. But whatevvva.