On the Edge

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Okay I was a little skeptical about this book.. I mean it mentioned Wal-Mart in the blurb. I was understandably scared. But the book was freakin fantastic.

So Rose is this kick ass girl who is taking care of her two adorable brother. They live in the edge. Which is kinda between worlds. You have the Weird which is the land of magic and the Broken which is for normal people. The Edge has both. Rose and her brothers have magic and Rose is kind of a special. She has more magic than the others in the Edge so she has the people (Blue Bloods) from the Weird wanting her as a baby machines and she just was not gonna have that. She hides/fights them off for a couples years while keeping her family fed.

In walks Declan, a blue blood that claims he wants to marry her. Rose being the stubborn woman that she is fights him but realizes that he is just a bit stronger than she is so there is this whole challenge thing. But at the same time there is a whole lot of magic hounds attacking the Edge and Declan helps Rose protect the Edge and her family. So of course they are falling in love and fighting together. aww. Adorable. A couple that fights together, stays together.

Seriously I loved this book. I loved Rose and I loved Declan. And I loved her two little brothers. Yeah that's a lotta love. But its totally deserves it.