Eighth Grave After Dark

Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones

By far my favorite book from this series. I am extremely happy that Charley was 8 months preggers at the start of this book. I love Charley. I love her humor but 8 months of her pregnant might have been a bit much for me to handle. Plus she can't really kick that much ass when she's pregnant and while she's being hunted by the devil.

Honestly so much happens in this book. So much is revealed. (I mean.. I still have a million questions but a lot of the ones I have been asking for the last couple books were finally answered) I don't want to give away anything. I hate spoilers. But probably the most important thing to happen was Uncle Bob and Cookie getting married! ;) Woot! Was that not freaking adorable!? I thought so. Of course we finally find out who Mr. Wong is. YAY! And Donavan comes back. Swoon. I love him. Even if he was only in the book for about a minute. And then we meet Lucifer. He was extremely pleasant. oh and of course BEEP!

The ending is not at all what I though was going to happen. That was a bit insane. And Reyes is kind of a sneaky bastard. Not sure how I feel about that at all. I can't freaking wait for the next book! sooooooo much is going on!