Darkest Flame (Dark Kings)

Darkest Flame (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant http://megansbookmadness.blogspot.com/2015/10/darkest-flame-by-donna-grant.html

I liked this book.. But I did feel a little lost at times. I haven't read any of Donna Grant's other books so I don't know any of her other characters or their stories and some of whats going on in this book I think relates to those other books. I thought I would be okay because this is the first book of the series but I guess not.. I mean it's not huge things just little things that as an obsessive reader annoy me that I don't know.

Once I got over that little annoyance and focused on THIS actual story I loved it. Denae is an okay female lead.. and Kellan was an ok male lead. I was a little put off by him just because after he found out Denae left he immediately went for his sword instead of figuring out exactly what happened... You just met the girl. I get that you love her and she is your mate but you are going to kill your leader/friend of idk a million years because he suggested she leave. REALLY? Up until that point I loved him but then I was just like ehh..

When we are married for 100 years are you going to kill me if I break a cup? because I tend to do that. I just thought it was a slight over reaction to what happened. Was Con a complete bastard? Absolutely. Would I break his face? Absolutely. After I went and got the girl. Would I kill Con? Hell no because I am not a psycho.

Okay dokey. Now that I have ranted about like one page of the whole book... Sorry. It is a good book! Worth reading. I am just going to go back and read her other series first. I don't think it will really make that much of a difference but I am just weird like that.