Two Minutes

Two Minutes - Dannika Dark

I am glad I didn't get my hopes up for this one because I did not like it.. Maizy drove me crazy the whole freaking time. Maybe it's because I just kept seeing her as a little girl.. who knows but everything she did just seemed so childish to me. If i pretended that I didn't know the two characters at all I liked their connection. They were goofy and kind of lazyish and like to eat junk food together. I don't know. I knew this one was going to be weird. But the truth is I got more emotional over the fact that April is in her late 30's than anything else. I cried over that. And that happened within the first five minutes of the book. The rest of it.. Ehhh.

And I disliked Prince so much. I use to love him. I even wanted Maizy to pick him ( I am not stupid everyone knew from the beginning that Denny would end up with her) But I just like when opposites get together because they balance each other out. And Prince needs someone like Maizy to get the stick out of his ass. And Prince has always been so amazing and this book ruined him for me. Like RUINED him. UGH.

So yeah I am not gonna lie I did not like this book. Like at all. Quite frankly it was boring. I was hoping with you know Maizy "secret" it would have been a lot more interesting but it was just kind of blown over. It was done really quickly and she was different and that was that. And the same thing with what happens with Denver.. quick fix.

I don't know. Like I said my problems could all be because of Maizy. She drove me crazy. Denver I have always liked. But this book just didn't have any "issues" when really it should have had one with Maizy birth mark.. I think that was down played WAAAY to much. they kept saying it was this huge deal but nothing happened. No action. Just drama about a little girl coming back to her school girl crush and then him thinking he's not good enough.. and thats just freaking boring. No one wants to read about that in a shifter book. I'm sorry. This is harsh but I was super disappointed because the last one was so good.

Wheeler and Naya will now and forever be the greatest. Even in this book they were the best couple. Hell even as individuals they are better than the rest. God and that cat. How freaking adorable was that?! Swoon. Wheeler is perfection