Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel - Kristen Ashley DNF @ 17% and I should have stopped sooner. I love Kristen Ashley. Well.. I LOVE the Fantasyland series andI have read a few other books but this one I just could not handle. Not because the male is all caveman and bossy and well kind of a dick (which I really did not get a chance to see but I have read a few reviews and thats what people are complaining about).. no I like that. That has never bothered me like it does some of the other readers. It is because of the female. She is annoying as hell!! oh my freaking god. She falls asleep with a guy after getting drunk and SIX weeks laters whines to her step mom about it??? REALLY??!!! SIX WEEKS LATER??? No. Done. I already hate her and therefore she will piss me off the whole book now. Sorry KA this one is a flop for me.