Three Hours (Seven Series Book 5)

Three Hours (Seven Series Book 5) - Dannika Dark

I love Naya! ahh. i love everything about her. And I loved Wheeler. I knew Naya was going to make such a fantastic main character. I have been waiting to read this book for awhile. Actually I am pretty sure this book is the only reason I kept reading the series. I have always felt drawn to her ever since the very first book and I knew her and Wheeler were going to end up together after April and Reno's book. So I got super excited.

I am so glad that Naya finally has a good man and I am glad that I finally know all of Wheeler's story. It has been obvious for awhile that there was way more to him than what everyone else thought. He is by far my favorite Cole brother and Naya is by far my favorite female character from the series. They are a really great match even with her not being a wolf. It works.

I will say that the ending was fantastic. I am super excited that a certain someone is gone. I have always hated him with a passion. I think it will make for a fantastic book if Dannika Dark ever decides to bring him back. Which I don't see how she couldn't.

re-read 2/1/2016- Love me some Wheeler. He is one sexy shifter!